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04 December 2015

Tomorrow this blog turns ten years old

It has not been completely smooth sailing since I have started this blog. There were a lot of fits and starts, and life often got in the way, but my blog is still alive. Ever since I started blogging regularly again in August of this year, things have been going like clockwork, so it’s all good.

I have now amassed over 200 posts to date, covering a wide range of topics from physics to law enforcement to books and reading and driving to love and the men in my life to my son and my family to comparative literature to papers and notebooks, and many more in between. I’ve been through so many things that this blog has been witness to. This blog, I daresay, has earned its heft, just like I have earned mine.

To commemorate this birthday, let me share with you some of my old blogging-related blog posts.

1. This my very first blog post. This is shortly followed by a run-down of the current affairs in my life at the time.
2. Here I celebrate my first ten thousandth view. My blog is hardly a high-traffic one, but it's nice to see I have a decent amount of readers.
3. This features a word cloud, which used to be the rage in blogs at the time.
4. One of my favorite posts. This is about books, reading, writing, and blogging.
5. Here I talk about giving my blog's template a little change.
6. In 2007, I once blogged about why I blog.
7. Sometimes I adjust my blogging schedule after a breakup. I no longer do that, because life should go on.
8. My blog has been reviewed a few times.
9. In 2009 I have decided to blog only on Fridays.
10. After six months and one day of not blogging, I blog again here.
11. Here is when my blog turned five.
12. Here is another blog post about why I blog.

There are several more, but they are scattered all over here. Feel free to come in and look around. Settle in. You are welcome to stay as long as you like.

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