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14 August 2009


Thank God it's Friday is a movie from 1978 that celebrates the disco scene. As can be expected of anything disco, it's glittery, colorful, crazy, and retro.

The movie also featured a very young Jeff Goldblum, an equally young Debra Winger, a vivacious Donna Summer, and her song "Last Dance," which won the Best Song award in the 1979 Academy Awards.

And in a totally abrupt and profoundly off-tangent switch of topic, let me say that because of the new auto-publish feature of Blogger, I can now have a new blog post at least every Friday, regardless of whether I or my MacBook Pro are online at that very moment, regardless of whether I or my MacBook Pro are asleep or reading or driving through traffic or indulging ourselves on a peanut butter sandwich eating binge, or up late watching old movies like, well, Thank God It's Friday.

So, thank god it's Friday! No, we are not going to disco, but we are going to celebrate the fact that this blog has been resuscitated, and that I am coughing up the water from out of my lungs after a rather strange drowning and I can stand up again, a little bit wobbly in the knees, but able to walk step by step by slow, little step. Hopefully, you will like it. Hopefully, you will think it's worth your time. Hopefully, I can bring something nice to your Fridays. And hopefully, this will continue for a long time to come, so that I can learn to swim in the ocean again without ever drowning.


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