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14 August 2007

I have been reviewed again

And it’s by far the most sensible review of all. It’s by The Weblog Review, and is written by two different people.

I like that they actually read my entire blog before classifying it and pronouncing judgment on it. I’m glad that the reviewers had seen that Sensibilities is not a reading blog, and that I am doing so many other productive different things in my life, and that the entries are beautifully written, which is, of course, most important to me.

I got a rating of 4 out of 5, and the only things they did not like about my blog are that the archives buttons are close to the top of the page -- which I also hate -- and that I have way too many links in my sidebar -- which I have already explained previously.

Not to dampen the fun that I have had being reviewed by the others, of course. The review by the World Blog Council is just hilarious, as the members of that august council are constantly in different degrees of inebriation, and take the longest lunches ever. Hilarious, too, are the two reviews by So Many Blogs, So Little Time, although in a very different manner, worlds apart from the erudite humor of the gentlemen and one lone lady at the WBC. My friend and multi Palanca-awarded writer Ian has a rebuttal, and Mark has had a very "interesting" dialogue with the reviewers. Indeed, my blog is not for people with short attention spans, as I have already mentioned before as well. The review by Berate My Blog is an okay enough short review, although it was not able to get past the “reading blog” aura of the most recent posts at that time

Thanks to everyone who reviewed my blog. And now to get back to work.


Blogger Lizza said...

I like the WBC. To use one of their own's term, they're "loverly."

Great review from the Weblog Review. So good to know they did their homework right. No chicks with A.D.D. there!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Maryanne Moll said...

Yes, finally! :)

1:40 PM  

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