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09 October 2015


Your plane will be touching down in a few hours, and I'm really looking forward to the time when you can be here where I am. I don’t know exactly how to handle having you here again. But I have waited as long as I have, and now the moment is almost here.

I first wrote about you in my diary in October 12, 1992. Your first email to me is dated January 19, 2014. So were your very first SMS and Facebook private message. The first time I saw you again after about two decades was January 24, 2014. You first kissed me on March 29, 2014. The last time I held you was in April 8, 2014. The last time I talked with you was today, when you were already on the plane and before you turned off your phone. And in a few hours, you will be here again. I’ll probably cry of relief, but I hope you won’t mind. I have missed you so much. Welcome home, my love.

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