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16 August 2008

From Pasay with love

I woke up late in the morning of my birthday and saw a huge box waiting for me on top of the dining room table in my mother's house in Naga. When I opened it, voila!

Nothing like two dozen bright red American roses and a wonderful card from the man in my life to add to my birthday cheer. He wasn't there that day, though, but he came over for a visit the very next week and met my family.

I admit I am horribly late in updating this blog, but my hands have been full with changes and people and ideas and words, and my plate has never been even part empty. But I am coping. I am writing stories again, and I have filled in my blog with one post for every missing month, and have found a way to shorten the sidebar, which many people have already complained about before. See? I'm dealing with things now, little by little, one day at a time, and I'm grateful for every chance that I get to write and finish a piece.

Rest assured that I'm okay, and that with the love I'm receiving from all of you, from Pasay to Makati to Camp Crame to Quezon City to Naga to California to Canada to New York to London, through all the channels open to us, I'll be back again with happy updates. Please feel free to visit my archives, reminisce with some of the posts, and remember who I was then. Because somehow, at some point in time, that person has become no longer. Here I am. This is me now.