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14 January 2011

Afternoon at The Fortress

One afternoon, at my apartment, The Fortress, I took a break from some housework to take photos of the light slanting in through the window of my study area.

And in the bedroom, the light generously spilled in, too.

This kind of light is my favorite. It always reminds me of the long, lazy summers I spent while I was growing up, and it brings back memories of comforting meriendas, visiting cousins, staying up in a tree to read, running around the front lawn, and the lighthearted days of languor, freedom, and simple joys that mark a happy childhood. This kind of light reminds me that I can be that simple, happy, free girl again. It’s nice.

07 January 2011

In the kitchen (a colorcast)

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01 January 2011

Hello, new decade

Welcome to my life.

I hope that in the 120 months that I will be with you I’ll get to accomplish much, learn a lot, laugh readily, make new friends, laugh more readily, love generously, give sincerely, and live with integrity.

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