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02 June 2009

My Chandler, 9

This is my son, Chandler, when he was just a baby.

Now he is all grown up. Now it is he who takes care of me. When I fall asleep with a book, he’s the one who takes off my glasses and turns off the lamp. When I forget I’m eating and drift off to my laptop or to the television or to my books, he’s the one who reminds me to finish my food. When I oversleep in the morning, he gently prods me awake, and asks if I’m okay. When I’m panicky looking for a piece of paper or a book or my phone or the remote control, he calmly helps me find it. He asks about my day, and suggests when I may travel to Manila. He has his own opinions on books and movies. He reminds me to be careful when driving. Once, I sprained my ankle, and he massaged it, while telling me that I work too hard.

He just turned nine, and he's perfect.

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