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13 November 2015

One step forward

I have always loved driving, and thought nothing of driving from Manila to Naga to Baguio during those years when I still worked for the Philippine National Police Special Action Force. I haven't driven as much since then, but I still drove a lot within the Greater Manila Area for several years, up until June, when I suffered from an anxiety disorder which rendered me unable to drive, among other things.

But since this November, I am driving again. The first two days of it was spent driving with a friend. We were both on vacation in Naga at the time; he came from Qatar and I came from Metro Manila. It was really a glorious day.

On the first day we went to a bar that belongs to a cousin of mine. On the second day we went around the city, and shared a meal at this really awesome Spanish restaurant.

Then we took pictures of this gorgeous black church, which used to be unpainted gray cement for the longest time. I think painting a church black is a really awesome idea.

Then we made a beeline for the the mountains. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and the roads were clear.

After that we headed the other direction, towards the coast. We even captured a rainbow on camera, a sign of good things to come.

At sundown we started heading home, but we dropped by Bigg's Pili for an early dinner. There was an accident along the way. Two trucks crashed into each other, and one of them caught fire. We were stopped at traffic for about 40 minutes, but that traffic did not make me panic. That was yet another sign that I was already okay.

I drove the entire way, from morning to evening, and I felt no fear. I drove just fine. All the old driving instincts and habits have been preserved in me. My driving instructors and my entire driving life has taught me well.

Driving has never felt so liberating. I have a heightened appreciation for it now. I still will not drive in the legendary traffic of Metro Manila, to where I have already returned, but now I know that it’s because I don’t want to, not because I can’t. I have the power of choice again, and I am grateful.


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