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16 October 2015


You're here again, after I have waited for you, and a deep stillness hangs over everything, as if we are standing together inside the eye of a storm.  Peace and calm are finally granted to us, although it's only going to be in the very brief time that you will be here. Nevertheless, I know how precious this time is for you, because I know how hard your life is elsewhere.

Thank you for always finding time for me, for holding my hand again, for telling me all the things that's in your heart again, things that you were not comfortable saying on Skype, and for telling me all those now while holding me and looking straight into my eyes. You have always been the most earnest and honest man I know; that is both your strength and your weakness.

And would you believe it’s our anniversary week? We talked to each other for the very first time on this very same week, 23 years ago.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It’s like an entire constellation of events have come together to culminate in this moment, to bring us together a third time. And three is a charmed number. Thank you for coming home, my love. Enjoy your stay.


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very happy for both of you :)

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