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Leaving my footsteps for you to find and follow, my love.

31 January 2014


I met you when we were both seventeen. I’ve heard about you even before I met you. I knew your name, and I knew what you did. You were the bad boy rock star, and everybody knew you and talked about you, so when we finally crossed paths in school, near the old Assembly Hall, I knew who you were. We said hi, and somehow we have managed to exchange birthdays, but not telephone numbers.

That night, I wrote a fevered entry in my diary.

Now, 22 years later, you walk up to me again, motorcycle helmet in hand. Your smile is still the same. We are no longer young, and what was once a garden has already grown into a wilderness, but I’d gladly walk through the wilderness with you. Thank you for finding me again.

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03 January 2014

For ghosts

For ghosts and the departed, both living and dead; for hauntings and unanswered questions and thoughts that trail off to the realm of darkness; for realities that beg the question; for wishes and dreams left suspended in some magical space and time, never to be realized; for love and memories and regrets; for that which is lost; for that which is not meant to be found.

Three days ago I left behind a previous life, and begin a new one. I was on the edge of the precipice then. Now the winds of love have propelled me to take flight.

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