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03 January 2014

For ghosts

For ghosts and the departed, both living and dead; for hauntings and unanswered questions and thoughts that trail off to the realm of darkness; for realities that beg the question; for wishes and dreams left suspended in some magical space and time, never to be realized; for love and memories and regrets; for that which is lost; for that which is not meant to be found.

Three days ago I left behind a previous life, and begin a new one. I was on the edge of the precipice then. Now the winds of love have propelled me to take flight.

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Blogger Melissa Forfitt said...

I love this... I adore your style of writing :-)

4:51 AM  
Blogger Long Cường Vũ said...

very beautiful, i like it!!!
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10:45 AM  

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