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17 December 2006

Cover boy

The December 2006 issue of Force & Valor magazine will be out soon! Force & Valor is the official publication of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force, and this issue features the trainings and the traditions that make a SAF Trooper.

Behold our cover boy, the SAF Commander, Police Chief Superintendent Felizardo M. Serapio, Jr.

He looks quite serious here, but the photo shoot was really hilarious. It was a very iffy day. I was not feeling well. I could not find any dark-skinned, large-muscled, combat-tested SAF Trooper with the memories of past battles in his eyes to pose for the cover in full jungle battle gear, because most of the troops are away on deployment. We needed a fierce noonday sun but it was the day before Super Typhoon Reming was expected to hit Metro Manila so the available light was flat and gray. And the photographer, Toti Navales, had to leave any moment because he was on call. So it was Boss to the rescue, first making a series of funny poses in his office before finally being warrior-like atop the metal platform under the covered court of the First Battalion. The pack he carries weighs twelve kilos. He carries it with him each time he goes on his morning run with the troops who are on garrison duty at the brigade headquarters. Which makes me wonder why I didn't think of him in the first place, since he is, after all, the perfect cover boy: battle-tested, large-muscled, and one of the pioneers of the SAF.

Dominique James, the Art Director of Force & Valor, designed such a fabulous cover concept that gains its power from its very simplicity. And I'm continuously being impressed by Boss, who can recite Tennyson from memory. I bet not many one-star Generals in the Philippines can do that.

To download the pdf version of the previous issue of Force & Valor magazine, please check the sidebar.


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