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27 December 2013


I don't normally wait for the year to end before taking stock of my life. The OCD in me requires me to do this every week during the weekly review of my custom-designed planner. But the OCD in me also requires that I do something conclusive towards the end of every year, just to give finality to the year that is ending.

However, this year I will not do the requisite New Year's resolution, which always drove me crazy towards the end of January -- because apparently, having OCD is not an assurance that one will actually get things done as scheduled, and at the same time having OCD is an assurance that one will have frazzled nerves over things committed to and not done. Instead, I have decided just to close one door and open a new one.

Here are few things I have closed the door to as I leave 2013 behind: Overeating, overspending, psychiatric medication, negative thoughts, psychic vampires, high-maintenance relationships, direction-less relationships, direction-less people, hustlers and liars, credit cards, succumbing to depression, interest rates, painful shoes, cellulite, superficial gatherings, lousy music, bad lighting, bad lipstick, bad typography, bad adaptations, derivative art, senseless superstitions, too many bags, too much drama.

I have opened my door to: Regular exercise, drinking more water, travel, sincere and chivalrous suitors, elegant date nights, strong and honest men, sleeping alone, sleeping enough, zero debt, taking a leisurely walk at sunset, more time reading the classics, more time writing, proper skin care, laughter, fluffy bedroom slippers, Stevie Nicks, star gazing, ghosts, gardens, eating fruits, windy days, rainy days, patience, freedom.

What shall remain constant: family, true friends, America the band, solitude, literature, shiraz, and love.

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