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20 December 2013


When one has OCD, everything is connected, and remembered, and big, and important, and relevant. What is trivial and inconsequential to normal folks is monumental and epic to a person with OCD, such as myself.

Most of the time, it's overwhelming.

That's why I break things down into smaller pieces that make it easier for me to live my life from day to day to painstaking day. Among the tools critical for my survival are detailed lists, planners, tracking calendars, organizers, file folders, pre-set formulas, rulers, tabs, labelers, multi-pens, color-coding pens, straight lines, very clear sentences, boxes of a certain dimension, pre-programmed and recurring alarms, parameters, delineations, math, date-and-time stamps, and the solid laws of logic.

If you think me strange, perhaps that's because I am. But I have never let that stop me from reaching for my dreams. In that manner, I am perhaps more normal than the most normal person on earth.

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