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29 November 2013

'Tis true

That when someone’s character is so dark and scheming, and that someone hurts you and you do not deserve it, you need not retaliate at all. The universe itself will declare revenge in your name, and will provide a glorious resolution for you, without you lifting a finger or saying a single word. Lady Justice, faithful soldier of an orderly universe, will strike the blow.

And perhaps, despite the blindfold over Lady Justice, she is not really that unseeing. I have reason to believe that her eyesight is so sharp and intuitive that, blindfold or no blindfold, scale or no scale, she can see beyond made-up faces and public personas to the kind of heart buried deep beneath the fake surface, and she will always know when to lift her sword. And after the moment of judgment, life will go on as decreed, until darkness anew calls on Lady Justice to intervene again.

At any rate, I’m okay, and life goes on, now wonderfully, happily, productively. Maybe this is also what the universe is telling me: I must live to tell the tale, in my own way, in my own time, because writing truthfully, beautifully, and unforgettably about it is the best justice of all.

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