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09 August 2013

Working with planners (or, My YouTube channel)

Some of you might not know it yet, but I have a YouTube channel. It's called My Favorite Things. And even if not all of my favorite things are featured in that channel, what is actually in that channel are planner- and planner-related topics.

I make videos to share setups of my planners and some ideas on how they work for me. I also feature what ever new designs and items are up for sale on My Etsy store. It might seem banal -- and a tad obsessive -- to talk about planners and planning so much, but my OCD is actually relieved when I work with these things.

Because of the system that I have designed for myself, things actually get done. And on days when the Depressive Monster (the other extreme of my Bipolar continuum) rears its ugly head, my planner is an amazing tool to just plow through my day and my tasks with resolve and courage.

Why not blog about it instead? Because I want this blog to be about other things. It helps to compartmentalize my channels for expression and sharing: YouTube for planner things, Blogger for everything else.

So if you have some time, please drop by my YouTube channel. I hope you like my videos, and please feel free to subscribe.


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