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16 August 2013

The ground I walk on

is literally strewn with rose petals in pink, white, and red today, in honor of my birthday. This is the loving and thoughtful project of the man in my life, Mr. T, who had successfully surprised me with this.

He did surprise me on the "salubong" of my birthday by presenting me with a bouquet of red roses, and I thought that was that, but when he walked me to my office, this is what I saw.

And I had another bouquet of red roses on top of my office printer. I felt like a beloved princess.

Thank you so much to Mr. T for pulling off this wonderful, magical surprise, one that no one has ever done for me before. My admiration goes out to him, too, for being able to stick with me for as long as he has. I know I'm not an easy person to live with, and our union is not all perfect, but it's real, and we have patterned our life around it, and we treat our union as important, and there is sincere love in it. And for now, that's okay.

I am looking forward to the rest of my life with him, come what may, whatever storms or glitches or darkness or interruptions may come. The ground I walk on shall always be strewn with rose petals and the love that he has laid down for me.


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