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08 March 2013

Just a blog

I recently have had time to revisit my old blog posts, from five years back, and I’m quite amused by all the energy and time I have put in to make each blog post substantially grim and ponderous. I certainly thought blogging was a good way to practice writing, and I still think the same way now, but years ago, I must have felt that each blog post must be worthy of being quoted and noted and cited and reviewed. Such was the effort I put into each of them, and such was the gravity I have invested in them.

Which probably explains why I have not been able to keep it up for very long. Seriously, no one really blogs like that all the time. Even the most serious and celebrated writers that I admire tend to blog about less serious matters in less serious tones more often than I would care to admit. It was only little old me who tried to convince myself that every word that comes out of me and onto the page must resonate with magnitude, and must be worthy of intensive contemplation afterwards.

But then again, this is just a blog, and there are so many things to write about other than weighty and grave issues, and there are a million different ways to write about such things. Certainly it would benefit me to explore these many ways of writing and these myriad of topics to write about, topics that are fun, serious, weighty, flighty, frivolous, sad, annoying, hilarious, somber, silly, tentative, convoluted, open-ended. Because I don’t need to have all the answers, not right now, not for every blog post.

Many of you who have been reading my blog for sometime now may have noticed the new kind of blog posts I have been uploading since the beginning of 2013. Now I talk about things that I like, on top of keeping up with writing about matters and subjects that are important to me. After all, I still write so many more things other than blog posts, works that are longer, and for publication; I can be serious there.

It is quite liberating to finally be able to blog this way. By tweaking my own blogging standards a little bit, I get to share more of what I actually like, like fountain pens, inks, papers, notebooks, books, movies, physics, gadgets, people, family, love, moments, trips -- tangible and palpable things that need no abstractions. This new mix is something I like very much, and I hope you like it as well. And as my blog evolves yet again, I hope you continue to be with me as I try to make sense of things in this random, random universe.

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