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15 November 2009

For my mother, as she turns fifty-five

She is clean rooms and fresh laundry and open windows and beautiful gardens and warm, healthy food, and afternoon naps and anti-wrinkle creams and reading glasses and Clinique Happy and blue sign pens and yellow “smileys” and checks that never bounce and terracotta tiles and solid walls and etched light fixtures and well-maintained roofs and a home that always welcomes me no matter where I have been.

Feliz cumpleaño, Mamita. Te quiero mucho.

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Blogger MARNE KILATES said...

Maryanne, this led me to your other Mother-posting, the one for your Mama Eden. Haaay! Haen na daw su mga ina, lola, papu ta! And you, Maryanne, you love them so exquisitely it makes us/me feel less guilty for sometimes neglecting my own mother, when she was still around... Thank you as always for something that never fails to touch every time I visit.


8:02 PM  
Blogger Maryanne Moll said...

Thank you, Marne, for dropping by every once in a while. Indeed, our mothers -- generally -- are very subtle in their caring that we only notice their absence when they, or we, are away. The best we can do as their children who are too awkward about our feelings is to write, not even to our mothers, but about them.

8:17 AM  

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