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25 October 2009

And the wedding entourage wore Chuck Taylors

And the guests wore black. And the grandmother of the groom wore a dress embroidered with black flowers. And the father of the bride wore jeans and a blazer. And the flower girls had lollipops. And the wedding cake was shaped like a black electric guitar standing beside a silver microphone.

And the principal sponsors danced in a circle. And the band played progressive rock. And the groom played the base guitar. And the bride sang rock songs. And the priest who presided over the ceremonies was the very same one who wedded the groom’s parents 35 years ago. And the bride and groom have been together for 12 years. And everyone was happy.

And it’s called The Wedstock: the wedding of Ivy and my brother Kid.

And this is their logo, their crest, their shield:

Congratulations on a wedding like no other, and on a love like no other.

[Some photos here.]


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