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01 March 2008

News from the edge (or, A life in bullets)

First, let me say that I am still here. Second, life -- and love -- got in the way of blogging. Third, here's everything else that happened since my last post, in no particular order.

- Wrote a paper for a seminar class on the American Short Story.
- Read a gazillion of short stories and a few novels.
- Was given a 2 GB flash drive.
- Lost the 2 GB flash drive.
- Was given a 200 GB external hard drive by the same person who gave me the flash drive.
- Did not lose the 200 GB external hard drive.
- Got an amusing online Tarot reading for myself and pasted it onto my Moleskine journal.

- Attended my son Chandler's First Holy Communion.
- Watched Ratatouille with Chandler twelve times over the holidays.
- Continued sewing a cross-stitch project that I started over eight years ago.
- Fell in love. Still in it.
- Retired an old leather wallet I've had for four years.
- Finished writing a book.
- Was given The Great Gatsby.
- Logged into my old Friendster account after more than a year.
- Saw my Boss after seven months.
- Bought five large ruled Moleskine notebooks and one red weekly Moleskine planner.
- Found out what the Manila City hall looks like from the air.
- Was given an 8 GB iPhone.
- Gave a Moleskine large weekly planner and a black Lamy Safari fountain pen to the man who gave me the 2 GB flash drive, the 200 GB external hard drive, the 8 GB iPhone, and The Great Gatsby.
- Bought a new 15-inch MacBook Pro.
- Started using my exercise machine again.
- Gained 15 lbs. Lost 15 lbs. Gained 15 lbs.

- Created The Quest, a magazine for the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group's 55th Anniversary.
- Got a new haircut.
- Finished reading The Great Gatsby.
- Was made a Super Moderator on The Philippine Macintosh Users Group.
- Attended a friend's book launch.
- Bought books and bags and clothes.
- Spent a few afternoons in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, sitting on the grass and reading.

- Wrecked my car's rear shock mounts.
- Deleted all the contents of my iPod.
- Somehow got my apartment featured at PinoyCentric.
- Was touted as an "Ice Queen," a "renaissance chick," and a "geek in sexy disguise" when my blog was featured as Pick of the Week on the Blog Search Engine.
- Played Monopoly with Chandler on a teeny tiny Monopoly set.
- Went to Caylabne and Tagaytay and Puerto Princesa and Cebu with the man in my life.

- Was conked out on by my four year-old Boa disc writer.
- Redecorated my bathroom and my bedroom.
- Started trying to become a vegetarian.

Whew! That list is quite long but it's not enough, not enough. It's been only six months but it feels like two years. In moving on and moving through the rooms and hallways of my solitude, I have stopped to open windows and air out the beddings and sweep the dust off the furniture. Finally I can look out again and admire the scenery, and know that I can go out any time I want and take a walk in the sunshine. Love is here, and it can stay as long as it wants to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, am a philmug supermoderator too. ha!

9:01 PM  
Blogger Maryanne Moll said...

Oh hello, my supermod geek. :)

9:05 PM  
Blogger Sidney said...

As long as there is love!

5:57 PM  

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