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11 February 2007


After over a month of not being able to blog, I log on to Blogger only to realize that my account has been automatically upgraded. I have been consistently prodded to upgrade to the new Blogger for months by Blogger itself, everytime I have logged on, but I have decided to keep my old account features because I find comfort in the familiar.

Now all that's gone, and I have something new to have to get used to. I don't like being forced to endure this change. I suppose there are various new features that I can take advantage of, but I don't really like putting tags on everything I write, and I don't like so many colors and things in the dashboard page, and I could go on and on and on, but really, my point is that my old Blogger was working just fine for my needs. And if it ain't broke, well, what's the point of forcing everyone to go into the version developed after the Beta? If I didn't choose to go to the Beta, isn't that an indication that I am pretty happy where I was?

Maybe it's just the old fogey in me. After all, this is the world wide web, and upgrades are the order of the minute. But no matter. I miss the old Blogger. I prefer the old Blogger. The old Blogger is more me. The old Blogger is my choice, not this shiny, glitzy new one. I want to be taken back. Take me back to where I began!


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